Hello. My name is Herman Medina. I went to school for truck driving just outside Atlanta, Georgia and graduated in 1997. I have driven, in my time as a truck driver, just about every kind of truck you can imagine including refrigerated trucks, flatbeds, tankers, and dump trucks. I have taken jobs that keep me on the road for weeks at a time, and jobs where I could work an eight hour day and go home at night.

I have driven all over this great nation, through all 48 continental states. I’ve had a few routes take me through Canada and have driven over 1 million miles in my career. With the miles I have driven, I could’ve made it around the earth 40 times! If you’ve ever driven any distance across the country, you understand how difficult that can be at times.

Even with all the time on the road, most people have thought about becoming a truck driver at some point. The challenge is an adventure of life on the road can be tempting. This site was created to help you decide if truck driving is the road you should travel. If you decide trucking is the right move for you, we will help you get started on that career path.