When you are out on the road as a truck driver, you have a lot of solitude. Yes, you can always call someone when you break down, such as a tow truck, and you can always expect the conversation and good meal at your local truckstop. But when you lie down at night to go to sleep and you are out there somewhere alone in the middle of the mountains, there is no one there to talk with about your day and encourage you about tomorrow. In those times when you’re feeling a little down, you have no one to come for you. Those nights when you can’t sleep, no one else cares. For some, this is a problem. For others, though, it could be a dealbreaker because it isn’t easy to deal with. This post is sponsored by our friends who are movers in Pflugerville TX.

For me, I have always loved the adventure. My home on the road gives me a sense of tranquility and freedom since I don’t have a boss to look over my shoulder all the time. I have had the opportunity to learn more about this country, from the east to the west and the north to the south. I know myself fully now, something that most people can never really say.

Anytime someone is considering a career as a truck driver, they have 1 million questions come to mind. Some of these can be answered in trucking schools, but others will never be discussed the recruiters from truck companies. Some of these questions you can only answer for yourself. Unfortunately, most people start off in this journey without enough information to make their decision. Experience is what will give them their answer a lot of times. This is just one of the things that make it hard to know if living life on the road is the right decision.


Dealing with the Solitude as a Truck Driver
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